>> Friday, December 31, 2010

This is all I can show you of what I just finished for now. Pre-blocked and stretched. It is currently sprawled out on my couch with 96 pins holding it in place until it drys. That left me with 4 extra pins...whew.

The reason it's on my couch and not on the floor where it usually would be is because of:
Canela is a teeny chi-weenie hanging out for the weekend. She is literally my shadow. I get up - she gets up. I sit down - she's in my lap. When I was pinning my project on the couch she crawled -under- it and hung out until I got up. As long as she doesn't freak out about the ferrets we'll be ok. So far she barked and ran out of the room when she saw the cage. But the cage is in the bedroom, so this could be interesting...


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